Aqua/Vapour Blasting

Aqua BlastingAqua Blasting, also known as Vapour Blasting is a new service imported from the USA and Europe and now entering heavily into the Australian market and quickly becoming an industry standard for high end mechanical restorations.

What is Aqua Blasting?

In a similar fashion to glass bead blasting, the surface of the blasted substrate is left completely intact. The fundamental difference is that Vapour Blasting uses water with a combination of non-toxic properties that do not break the base surface that it is applied to.

This means that it should be the only type of blasting used on anything that relies on its exact size or shape making it perfect for motors, carburettors and any small precision high value mechanical components.

USonic Tank ImageOur Vapour Blasting will:

  • Degrease and give a much better surface finish than alternative methods of blasting of components in the automotive, reconditioning and maintenance industries
  • Remove paint, rust, scale, carbon and similar deposits
  • Work as surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting or re-coating
  • Will give a Satin finish on stainless steel and other materials

For more information on Universal Coatings' Aqua Blasting service, feel free to get in touch.


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