Why Green is our Favourite Colour 

Green CarWe strive to be constantly working toward reducing our environmental impact in every aspect of our company and we started when we decided to implement Powder Coating as an alternative coating system.

Why is Powder Coating a green alternative?

  • There are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • There are no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI).
  • Powder Coating can be recycled or reprocessed meaning there is almost no waste as any overspray can be reclaimed.
  • Powder Coating your substrate offers durable protection, reducing the need for replacement products or coatings.
  • Many of our powders have a lower ecological foot print than other coating alternatives.
  • We chose suppliers that are environmentally aware and pride themselves on being so, Interpon is a very good example of one of these companies.

Sandblast Recycling 

The advanced technology found in our fully enclosed Sandblasting booth has a retrieval system which can recycle the majority of used garnet by filtering out any foreign particles. This reduces our waste garnet to a very small amount reducing our carbon footprint in garnet manufacture, transportation and disposal.

Solar Power

All of the above taken into account, one of our biggest environmental shadows is cast by our energy consumption. We identified this as an area that needed to be dealt with and have since introduced Solar Power into the Universal Coatings factory. We have successfully installed a 40kW System (153 solar panels) which will offset approximately 52,000kg of CO2 per year which is equivalent to planting approximately 2,300 trees each year.


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